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when life gives you limes, make limeade
👋 About me
I'm Austin, a cool person who lives in California. I'm a small content creator and community moderator on Discord . I have taught myself many different things about moderation, Minecraft , and more!

I joined Discord on July 12, 2019, and YouTube on December 5, 2019; however, I didn't really start exploring the internet until early 2020. Since then, I've been busy moderating multiple Discord & Minecraft servers, making YouTube videos, and having fun!

Because of Discord & Minecraft, I have meet many awesome and kind people. 😊

New paragraphs coming soon!

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🍧 Contact
You want to collaborate with me or just talk?
Join my and shoot me a ping or email me at !
MC Bedrock ChillzoneCommunity Lead
 MC Bedrock Chillzone, a relaxing server created to bring the Minecraft Bedrock community together!
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Halos HutMC Staff
 Halos Hut, a friendly Discord and Minecraft server.
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Mojangs WorldModerator
 A community specialised for you all to endure and engage with new people, interact and have new connections with others!
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WarzoneMCFormer Jr. Mod
 Warzone is a team organized gamemode where your goal is to follow the objective of the round while stopping the other team from achieving so too.
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The BeehiveHelper
 The Beehive is a hub for all Minecrafters to come together and socialize in a safe corner of the internet.
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circle labsHelper
 Create awesome AI chatbots with its own personalities, memories, and brainpower!
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Austins OasisOwner
 A fun SMP with a ton of plugins to make the game look, sound, and feel better!
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